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Company Profile

Over the past 25 years, it has achieved various milestones in this field. A vast database collected through pilot plant trials, product experiments, numerous commissionings & customer feedback make it a safe company to deal with regard to the problems related to filtration & drying. An accredited company, UDE has highly skilled manpower, quality conscious work force and dedicated commissioning and service department.

Ultra Drytech was founded by the late Mr. Ashoka Prasad, a pioneer in low temperature drying technology and a stalwart in design and manufacture of chemical process, plants & equipment.
He was a highly decorated technocrat who had made a name for himself in the Chemical Process Industry - CPI.
Rajive Prasad, graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai with subsequent post graduation degree and specialization from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, is at the helm of activities.

The company considers its client base as its partners in progress. This has resulted in repeat orders from major clients, who have reposed faith & confidence in UDE to fulfill its commitments. UDE's operations are backed up with highly qualified & experienced staff. Each department is headed by professional managers who hold independent control over their line of activities. UDE prides itself on account of repeated orders obtained from major customers.
Quality Policy

The organisation is committed to develop, design and manufacture equipment and provide services of consistently uniform quality to customer requirements, including delivery schedules, at optimum cost.

It is the organisation's policy to achieve this objective through the implementation of an effective quality management system by suitably qualified staff. This policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation. The company's objective is to design and manufacture it's products in accordance with referenced design codes, customer requirements and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

It is our endeavor to manufacture products complying with Customers' specifications and committed to attain International Leadership in Quality Products, Timely Delivery and at globally competitive price.

We will achieve this through
Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements
By involvement of all employees in continual quality improvements
Establish measurable quality objectives and performance indicators at relevant functions and levels.
A better level of in-built quality resulting in safe and reliable performance

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We believe that safety and health environment at work place is extremely essential for all individuals engaged at work. We believe that such an environment will lead to overall quality improvement and growth of the organization.

In order to attain and maintain high standard of safety, health and environment at work place, the same is the result of:
1) All employees are adequately instructed about their duties and are trained in various aspects of safety, health and environment.
2) All individuals who work in factory premises strictly adhere to safety manual.
3) Safety, Health and Environment issues are integrated in all management decisions, especially in selection procedure of materials, machinery, equipment and also selection / placement of personnel
4) Necessary personal protective equipments are provided to employees and that are regularly used and monitored
5) All the relevant statutory requirements as per various mandatory acts are met Potential hazards are periodically assessed and necessary precautionary measures taken proactively
6) Interest and enthusiasm in safety efforts are promoted by recognition of good safety performance
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