Products Low Temperature Rotary Vacuum Drying Systems

Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer is a jacketed cylindrical horizontal vessel with a a large diameter hollow shaft.

Attached to the shaft are hollow paddles provided with specially designed scraper blades, which scrape the entire internal surface of the Dryer and continuously move and rotate the material thereby precluding the possibility of material remaining in contact with hot surfaces for protracted periods of time.

The jacket and hollow shaft with paddles can be heated with hot water, steam or any other thermal fluid capable of providing a large indirect heat transfer area.

Cooling can be also be done by cold water, brine or any other refrigerant through the jacket and hollow shaft.

Limpet Coil can be provided in lieu of jacket, if liquid heating medium is used.

Hard facing of shaft provided in way of gland packing areas of trunions.

Arrangements for nitrogen purging provided. Bag cleaning arrangements with pulsation by nitrogen jet injector provided.

Heavy duty trunions and bearings support the hollow shaft (agitator) and the drive is provided by means of a motor through reduction gears and chain and sprocket.

Provision has also been made to insert four breaker bars inside the dryer shell for particle size reduction.

In special cases, stationary scraper blade can be provided to scrape the rotating agitator, for highly sticky materials.

• Externally heated through jacket/limpet coils
• Internally heated Agitator shaft for maximum heat transfer area
• Drys and conveys for discharge
• Efficient rotary joint to inject heating media into agitator and remove condensate
• Prepiped with heating medium inlet to dryer and condensate out to headers
• Quick opening manual discharge valve and charging door for minimum manual handling
• Chain sprocket drive through speed reducers and motor
• Direct drive through speed reducer and motor
• Control panel totally prewired for ease of performance taking into account safety factors
• Useful for pharmaceutical, dyes/dye intermediates, inorganic chemicals, temperature sensitive materials, plastics, agrochemicals, organic chemicals etc.

Mechanicals Seals can be provided instead of stuffing box for certain applications
Pneumatic/Hydraulically operated discharge valves
Multibag filters
Solvent recovery system inclusive of condenser, receiver, vacuum system and interconnecting piping
Complete instrumentation for DCS control/Control room operations. Variable speed drive (Frequency inverter)
Static scrapers on shell to scrape agitators for sticky/slimy products
Mechanical charge loading through hoppers, screw conveyors & discharge arrangement with a bagging unit with rotary valves are available as optional parts of the system
Sterile/Clean room configuration


Slurry/wet cake is charged through the charging door while keeping rotation of the agitator on.

Vacuum is then applied to the Dryer along with Dust Catcher (mounted on the Dryer) Condenser and Receiver.

Heating medium is passed through the jacket and agitator.

Vigorous evaporation of moisture takes place under vacuum.

The vapour passes through the bag filters of the dust catcher, goes into the condenser and the condensate is collected in the receiver.

Evaporation under high vacuum and low temperature results in faster recovery of maximum solvents.

Adequate provision has been provided to cater for fluctuations in steam pressure/temperature, in condenser cooling water temperature, moisture content of feed etc. Dry product is discharged via the Discharge Valve by reversing the agitator rotational direction to “discharge” direction.

Operating Condition & Capacity Ranges

Salient Features
Ideal for temperature sensitive materials
Almost 100 per cent recovery of solvents

Low Energy consumption

Operating Conditions
Vacuum : Upto even 0.6 torr

Heating Temperature : 30° to 300°C.

Capacity Ranges
Gross Capacity - From 500 Ltrs. To 25000 Ltrs.
Charging Capacity - 40 to 60% of Gross Capacity depending on the nature of the products.

Model Gross Capacity in ltrs. Charging Capacity in ltrs./sq. m. Heating Surface per sq. m. H.P. Dimensions in mm.
RVD 5 500 200 3.8 7.5 600 1800 4100 4400 6100 2000 1000 3800
RVD 12 1200 480 9.5 10 1000 2000 4300 4700 6700 2500 1500 4200
RVD 16 1600 640 10.5 15 1000 2800 5100 5500 7500 2500 1500 4200
RVD 25 2500 1000 13.6 20 1200 3000 5300 5700 8500 2500 1500 4200
RVD 30 3000 1200 18.4 20 1200 3400 5700 6200 9600 3000 1500 4400
RVD 40 4000 1600 19.5 30 1400 3500 5900 6500 10500 3000 1500 4600
RVD 63 6300 2520 28.1 40 1600 4100 6700 7000 11000 3000 1500 4600
RVD 80 8000 3200 37.2 50 1700 4600 7600 7800 12500 3500 2000 4700
RVD 98 9800 3920 40.0 60 1800 5300 8400 8000 14500 3500 2500 6200
RVD 160 16000 6400 53.1 80 2000 5900 8400 8600 15000 3500 2500 6700
RVD 200 20000 8000 82.0 100 2500 8000 15000 16500 23500 4200 3000 6800
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